Not My Monkey by Fiddle Whamdiddle wins Bronze medal!


The Global Music Awards have awarded Not My Monkey, by Fiddle Whamdiddle Bronze medals 


Dancing on Strings


Dancing on strings
Dulcimer virtuoso Steve Eulberg will play the Rialto

When Steve Eulberg first began playing the hammered and mountain dulcimers as a college student, he was one of a rare breed of musician.

At the time, there weren’t many dulcimer players around, so he taught himself and built his own dulcimers. It was slow going for a while as his instruments kept falling apart, and he would have to spend more time rebuilding them than playing.

Today, 30 years later, he has carved a niche for himself in the dulcimer world and has honed his craft to an art. In addition to composing and producing his own music, the rest here


New Review Midwest Record


STEVE EULBERG/A Piece of It All: Long time instrumentalist goes for the vocals and sounds like a cross between early Leo Kottke on a Clancy Brothers binge. This cat can keep his balance tipping his chair back on two legs while letting the back porch music flow through him. Heartland music well grounded in heartland music festivals with a vibe to match. 

Chris Spector, the Midwest Record    Vol 34/No 40, 12/10/10


Rice Elementary Concert


Thanks to Heather Stenner and the Music Performance Fund (MPF) of the American Federation of Musicians (AFM), I was able to give a concert for Rice Elementary (Wellington) 3-5th graders as an introduction to the Strings Curriculum for the Spring Term.  I'll give a follow-up concert in March for the Kindergarten-2nd graders.  

After the show Heather sent me this PDF file with photos from the first concert, backed by some music she had. Enjoy!  Rice Concert 2010

Thanks to funding from the school, I was also able to give an introductory Guitar Lesson to all the 4th and 5th grade students in the school--to help them utilize the 25 guitars they have in the music room (a very unusual treasure to find in an elementary music program!)


We won the Opus Award!

We (Peter Anthony, Mary Zimmerman and I) won an Opus Award from the OpenStage Theater Company for our original music for the "Arabian Nights" show staged last September. I'm adding sound samples in the music section from the demo recording we made of the music.

More Blue Plate Special!

Here's another video from KDVX's Blue Plate Special on July 31, 2008. This time I'm playing "O Virgin--ee-i-a" on my Clemmer Mountain Dulcimer with a noter.

Blue Plate Special Video!

WDVX Knoxville, hosts the daily Blue Plate Special (12-1 pm) at the station which is inside the Knoxville Visitors' Center on Summit and Gay Streets. Matt Morelock was the host and Talid Magdy, from the Knxville News Sentinel the videographer. Here I am playing John Jacob Niles' "I Wonder as I Wander" on hammered dulcimer, Thursday, July 31.

Opus Nomination for Sound Design!

Together with Peter Anthony and Mary Zimmerman, I've been nominated for an Opus Award by the Open Stage Theater Company in Fort Collins, Colorado for my work in composing and performing Persian Santyr music for "Arabian Nights" last September. The Awards ceremony is on August 17th at the Company's annual meeting and picnic.

July 4th-themed Lessons at

I've got new patriotic song lessons posted on These include: America (My Country 'Tis of Thee), America the Beautiful, The Star-Spangled Banner, Yankee Doodle, Boston Beans (by Jean Ritchie) and i miss america by yours, truly. Samples of these are also available on youtube!

DPN Interview about Contests

Butch Ross interviewed several people connected with the National Dulcimer Contests at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas and I was included as one of the interviewees. Since I've never won the big kahuna prize (1st place) I'm not listed in the title...thus my claim to being the "John MacEnroe of the Dulcimer World". (I do try to be the grown-up version of John, however, rather than the ill-tempered, bad-mannered one!) This article is currently on the newstands and you can learn more (and subscribe!) here: The Second Set Mountain Dulcimer Concert" and the Flash Mountain Dulcimer Brigade were both highlighted!

New Review for "I Celebrate Life!"

June marks the 3rd anniversary of the release of "I Celebrate Life!" (and 4th anniversary of the printing of the accompanying song/tablature book). Yesterday, it received a brand-new review by Virginia MacIsaac that was posted on When one releases and sends art like music into the world, it is free to travel where it will and I am humbled that this long after its launching this music evokes a thoughtful review from a careful listener! Here's a sample: "At first look this one appears to be a children's CD because of the smiling young face on the cover. However, after the first few tracks,...there are instrumentals that will become part of those I will return to again and again....'First Snow'--how music can capture the silence of snow falling, I don't know, but it happens right here...'Portage River' almost sounds like a jig. Two fiddling sisters join in, Carole and Teresa Lundgren, flowing and ripply, just like a river. With "Summer Storm" a wind builds under our ears, fluttering, swaying, whooshing and waving...." to read more go to:

Concert Webcast is Archived at!

Steve's April 20th Concert with Dan Paul at the 3 Bells Cafe in Santa Cruz, California, has been archived at Songs include: Golden Slippers (HD), World Without Walls, Set Your Back (to the setting sun); Ferret Frolic, Lake Ozark Blues (MD); war is sweet, i miss america (guitar); Dutch Hop Set (HD); Gospel Medley (I'll Fly Away, I Saw the Light/ Swing Down Chariot) and more!

Dulcimer Players News Podcast

During my St. Patrick's Day tour in Florida last month, Bing Futch and I had a nice morning playing music and talking about dulcimers at his house. This is the first of Dulcimer Players News weekly podcasts. You can tune in and catch it here. later this week it will be available on iTunes also. Bing and I play my original tune: "Soaring", the Irish jig "The Road to Lisdoonvarna", "Swallowtail Jig" and Butch visits the Ohio Valley Gathering and more!

Playing "Old Black Cat Couldn't Catch a Rat" live at Bing Futch's Studio

Dulcimerica Podcast #72 on Youtube!

Carla Maxwell Houseconcert

"Wow, I wish ALL my friends and family could have been in my living room for Steve's performance. It was terrific! Steve might have thought he had a bit of a challenge, I imagine, in winning over the hearts of the folks who were not familiar with his music and didn't know him. However, it seemed getting everyone's toes tapping and heads nodding and car keys jingling was as easy as eating a piece of cheese cake, if ya know what I mean!! Steve Eulberg is an interesting and entertainingly friendly fellow. He came from Colorado to the Folk Alliance's Internatonal Folk Festival show case at the Marriott in downtown Memphis and for his part in a board meeting of the Local 1000 (traveling musicians' union). He was a busy person as he kept his head, heart, and music in the two places he needed to be: downtown amidst the international business and performances of folk music and the cozy comfortable dulcimer folk world in my living room....and he did a beautiful job of it. ..." —Carla Maxwell read more here

CD Release Party Featured in "The Ticket"

Steve's CD Release ("a piece of it all") and 10th Anniversary Celebration was featured in this week's "The Ticket" portion of the Fort Collins, Coloradoan. Click here to read it.

Song chosen for compilation

My song, "was is sweet" was chosen for's fre-mp3-download compilation vol 3 this month. Visit to get your copy today!

Top 10 local spins on KRFC!

"a piece of it all" ranked in the top 10 of local spins on KRFC fm 88.9, our local homegrown, community-powered radio station, Oct 20-26 and Oct 29-Nov 2, 2007. Available streaming on the internet.

Radio Charts update

"a piece of it all" has 5 songs in the top 40 of the Independent Country and Independent Inspirational Charts reported by The Music Review. Here's the October update: "war is sweet" which topped the Indie Country chart in September remained in the top 10 at #9, where it debuted in August. "i miss america" entered in the top 20 charting at #18 in October. "a ship may be safe" which entered at #19 in August, rose to #15 in September and now logs in at #39 for October. ===== "rock on rock" entered the Top 40 Independent Inspirational Chart at #27 in August, climbing to #9 in September, stayed in the top ten at #3 for October. "beauty in the world" entered the same chart at #36 in September, rising to #30 in October.

JamPlay reaches 1500 subscribers, where I teach on-line video guitar lessons for Beginners, Bluegrass and Fingerstyle lessons, has passed 1,500 subscribers! Check it out! Look for Holiday-Specific Lessons coming soon.

GRAMMY Ballot!

"a piece of it all" is on the 50th GRAMMY Ballot: Field 14 Folk Category 69 Best contemporary folk/americana album Entry #050 Visit the "Listen to Music" to the left to listen and the "Buy Music" link to the left to purchase!

JamPlay reaches 1000 subscribers, where I teach on-line video guitar lessons for Beginners, Bluegrass and Fingerstyle lessons, has passed 1,000 subscribers! Check it out!

#1 Song! Chart Topper

The Music Review, reports that in September 2007, "War is Sweet" (from "a piece of it all") reached the #1 slot on their Independent Country Chart!

Summer Radio Airplay--"a piece of it all"

Eulberg's new CD, "a piece of it" all, is garnering radio airplay worldwide: "War is Sweet" breaks into the Top 10! The Music Review's Top 40 Independent Country Songs August 2007 debuts Eulberg's song at #9. (His highest entry in this chart!) Rein Wortelboer of OMROEP VENRAY in The Netherlands spun "Who am I?" and "Beauty in the World" in the first week of August. Country Music Denmark on Radio Dandelion chose "Beauty in the World in July and "Rock on Rock" in August. Music 4 You, also in Denmark spun "Careless Love" in August. Bob's Country Show, Radio Eketahuna, New Zealand, closed their 8/3/07 show with Porch Swingin' and War is Sweet. Friday late night show on Rockabilly Radio, Oamaru, New Zealand featured 4 tracks "Set Your Back (to the Setting Sun)", "Beauty in the World", "Porch Swingin'"and "A Ship May Be Safe". Jean Castro of Radio Frequence Verte in Marmoutier, France featured a tri-fecta of "A Ship May Be Safe", "Careless Love" and "I Miss America" in the middle of its 8/10/07 show. "War is Sweet" was played on Hootenany Power from Baton Rouge on 8/6/07. The Colorado Sound on KRFC, Fort Collins Colorado included "a piece of it all" in its July report for year-to-date top spins for the month of July. Eulberg's new CD is one of 4 in second position (19 spins). Contact your local radio station to request Steve Eulberg's music on your favorite show. If they don't have the CD, send us the DJ or program manager's name and station address and we can help you be a piece of it all, too!

Eulberg cast in "Arabian Nights"

Steve Eulberg has been cast as "Musician" in the Openstage Theater Production of Arabian Nights by Mary Zimmerman. Eulberg will play santur (Persian hammered dulcimer) on stage with percussionists as musical accompaniment and sound effects for the 2-Act play. The show, directed by Peter Anthony, will be performed on weekends throughout September at the Lincoln Center mini-theater in Fort Collins, Colorado. "It is very exciting to be part of live theater again," Eulberg notes, "and wrapping my head around arabic maqamat is challenging and fun. The santur is likely the original version of the hammered dulcimer (which is played from right to left, unlike any other instrument in the Western world) so I get to connect with its ancestry as well!" Visit the Openstage Theater Company's website for more details about showtimes and links to purchase tickets.

New Lessons at

Steve Eulberg, a popular teacher at, has added more Bluegrass Lessons (now totalling 8) and has begun to record Fingerstyle Guitar lessons for this on-line guitar resource. Visit and try them out!

Eulberg track chosen for Masters Vol 3!

"Coventry Carol" from Steve's 2003 release "'Twas in the Moon of Wintertime" was chosen for the 3rd Volume in the Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer series produced by Susan Trump. The recording, which will be released this Fall, features seasonal Christmas tunes from mountain dulcimer players across the country. Steve's "Noel Newvelet" from his 2001 release, "Soaring", was tapped for the Masters Vol. 2 collection. "It is an incredible honor to be included with the stellar dulcimer players invited by Susan for these projects. I am touched and humbled," Steve remarked from Parkville, MO (Kansas City) where he is teaching Beginning Hammered Dulcimer and conducting the Mountain Dulcimer Orchestra for the Heritage Dulcimer Camp. Like Volumes 1 & 2, this release will be mastered by Charlie Pinzer of Airshow Mastering.

"a piece" of Radio Play!

"a piece of it all" is getting live-air and internet spins, report several DJs. Jeff Koepke: KRFC 88.9 fm, Fort Collins, Colorado June 30th Ron Drury: July1st "CONGRATULATIONS on the CD release today STEVE!!! So GLAD to hear that it is already selling(o:) In the first hour i baited the listeners in the 1st hour with"We are an answer to Prayer" & "Dancing with Wu-Li"(both from Steve's 2005 release, I Celebrate Life).... and then in the NEW MUSIC FEATURE HOUR we played "Beauty in this world" and "Who Am I?!"!! We had the most positive response to "Who Am I?!"!! We will be playing more with all of this positive calls!" Jim: Whole Wheat Radio (, Talkeetna, Alaska, July 11th Jennifer: July 11th "We received your cool CD today and just wanted to let you know that we've incorporated a couple of your fantastic tunes into our updated playlist. Ahhhh.....yes, I hear 'Sad' playing over the air right now as I write this note! Also, we update our playlist every couple of weeks and will rotate your tracks at those times. I'm proud to say that our growing audience is truly global with listeners coming from all over the world: US (of course), Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, China, Korea, Italy with listeners from numerous other countries tuning in on a regular basis. Needless to say, this is just what we were hoping for when we started our station up in April. Thank you again Steve for sending the CD for our station - what lucky listeners we have! Cordially, Jennifer Ranger Kattywompus Internet Radio In addition, Steve will be hosted by Jo Ann Heddleston for KRFC's "Live @ Lunch" program from 12-1pm on Monday, July 16th. 88.9 fm or streaming on the internet: Contact your local radio station if you want to hear "a piece of it all" where you live!

Just Released!

"a piece of it all" is now released after completing the manufacturing process at! A 13-song collection of original songs by Steve Eulberg, some of which have been simmering and steeping for 30 years, each piece of this recording explores a facet of the artist's soul. Read about the recording process at Steve's blog:

New downloads at

It's the cutting edge of disc-less music production! I've signed on with ( and have download cards for sale at my live performances. What ARE these things? The size and shape of a credit card, each card has a unique serial number on it with which you are entitled to 15 downloads from the website. You are able to download 15 of my tunes (so far I've uploaded samples from each of my recordings) PLUS, you have access to the "featured songs" that all the artists on the website make available for all users. Stop by discrevolt and check out the website and look for my page. (Steve Eulberg). I'm selling the cards for the introductory price of $12.00.

New Recording Update

All the tracks are recorded and the mixing has begun at Pyramid Records in Toronto. Steve has been journalling about this recording trip at his myspace blog where he has posted a slide show (in addition to the photos to the left.) Contact Steve if you are interested in joining others who are sponsoring this recording.

"Full Moon" included in 1st DPN Compilation CD

Under the new management of Dan and Angie Landrum, the quarterly journal Dulcimer Player News has an added feature: a CD with cuts from the reviewed music section and each issue's articles. "Full Moon" from the recent DVD release, "Serenade to the Canada Goose" is included as cut #14 on this CD!

Colorado Dulcimer Festival

The website for the 4th Annual Colorado Dulcimer Festival is now up and open for registration. Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church will be the location for this year's festival Feb 2-3, 2007. Host Steve Eulberg will be joined by Janita Baker (MD), Ken Kolodner (HD), Erin Rogers (MD), Bonnie Carol (MD&HD) and Tina Gugeler (HD) for teaching, performing and jamming. Visit the festival website: Take a look at photos from this year's Festival at and scroll down to 4th Annual Colorado Dulcimer Festival.

New Original Songs Project Begun!

Steve has finally launched the ship of a new recording project, under the Production of Ken Whiteley ( in Toronto, Canada. The bedtracks were laid down Jan 2-7 in a climate that was warmer and minus the snow of Colorado, much to to puzzlement of this lower 48-er. Able engineer Nick captured performances from Steve, Ken (on mandolin, lead guitars and grand piano), George Koller (bass) and Brad Hart (drums and percussion). He heads back to finish it in March. Meet this cast of characters in the photo gallery ( and scroll down to Toronto Sessions. Sponsorship of this project is welcome! (special benefits apply to those who sponsor). Contact Steve at

Steve Interviewed by Studio Magazine

Steve was interviewed by Studio Magazine (an on-line Journal of Folk & International Music & Dance) for the January 2007 issue. You can read it here: and click on Read Studio Magazine. Studio magazine is organized by Jennifer Ranger of

Steve is Guitar Instructor for

A new on-line instructional resource,, will be launched early in 2007. Steve is the Basic Guitar Instructor and has recorded nearly a dozen Beginner lessons, along with beginning Bluegrass skills. Come back for the offical launch date!

Serenade Reviewed in DPN!

Neal Walters writes in the current issue of Dulcimer Players News, "Steve Eulberg has composed an original soundtrack to an excellent video, "A Serenade to the Canada Goose."... On this particular video Steve plays mountain and hammered dulcimers, banjomer, Indian flute and guitar as a backdrop to some gorgeous footage of the Canada geese in the wild. The video is 27 minutes long and follwos the geese through winter, spring, and summer and into the fall, when they must migrate north again. ...The music is an integral part of the therapy and Steve does a great job of catching the playfulness as well as the majesty of these beautiful birds in the wild." (Read the whole review in the press section to the left)

"Seton Sands" reaches top 10!

Steve's mountain dulcimer original solo, Seton Sands, (from "I Celebrate Life!") has reached the top 10 of's South Central Region. You can listen (and purchase!) the tune here: Click on "Region" then "South Central" to find the correct page. And thanks to all the listeners who have listened and chosen the tune!

Dulcimers hammer the Rialto

Keith Baker (center) and Peggy Carter join Steve Eulberg for a wide-ranging concert of dulcimer music at the beautifully restored Rialto Theater in Loveland. Featuring tunes from the traditional acoustic repertoire (England, France, Ireland, Canada, Scotland) as well as Colorado Dutch Hop and WC Handy's St. Louis Blues and Duke Ellington's Mood Indigo, to Rich Mullins' Creed and Calling Out Your Name.

Steve Wins in National Mountain Dulcimer Contest

Winfield--Steve Eulberg once again took 2nd place in the National Mountain Dulcimer Championship held in Winfield, Kansas, Sept. 15, 2006. Jeff Hames from Mississippi took home the National Champion prize and Joe Collins, from North Carolina, won 3rd place. Duane Porterfield and Tom Haver received placques for also reaching the final round. Below is the Press Release from the festival: For release on or after September 16, 2006 Walnut Valley Association 918 Main, Winfield, Kansas 67156 (620) 221-3250 Mountain Dulcimer Contest Completed On Friday, morning September 15th the 35th Annual Walnut Valley Festival Mountain Dulcimer Contest got under way with 16 contestants. These individuals represented 11 different states and when the cut to five was made contestants from KS, CO (2), NC, and MS prevailed. First place was awarded to Jeff Hames, an 18-year old high school student of Madison, MS. This was Jeff’s second time to enter this contest. He placed 3rd in 2005. Jeff started playing this instrument at the tender age of 10 and he also plays the clarinet and guitar. He placed in the New Songs Showcase in 2005. His grandfather gave him his first Mountain Dulcimer; in fact his grandfather built this one for him. At Madison Central High School, Jeff plays in the band. Jeff believes he has a first in history; his band director asked him to play mountain dulcimer in the marching band and when they played for the first time with Jeff playing his Mt. Dulcimer, the marching band stopped playing and it was up to him to carry on. He was thinking, “don’t stop now!” Jeff’s comment on the Festival is “it’s the best place to go for music.” The 1st Place Trophy, $150, and a KOA Custom Mountain Dulcimer model 4FHKK by McSpadden Dulcimers of Mountain View, AR were awarded to Jeff for his efforts. A veteran of this competition, Steve Eulberg of Ft. Collins, CO placed 2nd in this contest. He has entered this contest 14 times and has placed 2nd three times and 3rd two times. Steve is a professional musician by trade and also a music educator who teaches at three separate music schools. He plays many instruments among them of course is the mountain dulcimer, the hammer dulcimer, the mandolin, the guitar and the didjeri doo. He enters two contests in addition to this one; the hammer dulcimer and the finger-pick guitar. He bought a Folkroots mt. dulcimer kit after being told this instrument was impossible to play. As it turns out this was not true because he has been playing this instrument for the past 26 years. Steve calls the Walnut Valley Festival “an amazing celebration of Americana and the International Family of Music.” When dot playing music he enjoys his wife, his children, his dog, his reading and his writing; and they are in that order, too. A Cherry/Redwood Special, model 6FHCRB Mt. Dulcimer by McSpadden Dulcimers of Mountain View, AR, the 2nd Place Trophy and $125 were the prizes he earned. The third place trophy, $100 and a Ginger Cherry/Spruce model 4FGC5 Mt. Dulcimer by McSpadden Dulcimers of Mountain View, AR, went to Joe Collins of Shelby, NC. Joe too is a veteran of this contest. In 2003 and 2004 he placed third in this contest. Joe has been playing this instrument for 28 years. His first Mt. Dulcimer was a Father’s Day present from his family. Joe is a multi-talented individual; he is a pastor, he has his Doctorate in Education and he currently teaches religion at Gardner-Webb University of Boiling Springs, NC. Joe considers teaching Sunday School one of his favorite hobbies. And yes, he thinks he’ll be back again to compete in this contest. #30#

7th Annual Second Set Concert at Winfield

JimJim & the FatBoys will host the 7th Annual Second Set Concert at their campsite in the Pecan Grove at 7:30 pm on Friday, Sept 15, 2006. All Mountain Dulcimer contestants at the National Championship are expected to prepare (4) four tunes for performance in the contest. Only the Finalists (the top 5) are given the chance to play all 4. Because contestants number in the 20s, that is a lot of "orphan tunes" that have been lovingly prepared but don't get their hearing. While the winning contestants are always honored and welcome, each contestant is invited to play his or her "second set" of tunes for the gathered assembly as the featured sets of this concert! Then JimJim & the FatBoys (Steve Eulberg, Jim Pierce, Jeff Lilley and Jim Babcock) host a round-robin jam for a fitting conclusion to the National Championship Day at Winfield. The JJFB Campsite can be found along the south side of the first road in the Pecan Grove, just west of the fire road, across the street from the firewood concession. The tan canopy is topped with the Scottish (St. Andrew's) flag and a JimJim & the FatBoys banner. Beautiful ie-dye from the Rogers family in Concordia, Kansas provides a festive backdrop for the evenings celebration.

2 songs reach the Top Ten! hosts a song-rating service (which is also used as an on-line avenue for submissions to the Taxi listings). Two cuts from my latest recording, "I Celebrate Life!" have reached the top ten! "Seton Sands" and "O Virgin-ee-i-a" are in the Colorado top ten which can be reached at: then follow the links at region to Colorado. "Seton Sands" is also in the top ten for the category: Production: other tempo. Individual tunes can also be purchased at broadjam which is host to a wide variety of genres.

Flash Mountain Dulcimer Brigade re-musters at Winfield!

The Flash Mountain Dulcimer Brigade will re-muster on Thursday, Sept 14 for a 3-day tour of duty at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas. Under the command of Brigadier General Eulberg (who formed his brigade in the time-honored tradition: calling together and equipping his own brigade to get his commission) the mountain dulcimer brigadiers will make several "flash" appearances throughout the festival, playing a few tunes and melting into the crowd to re-unite and play again later. Designed to help bring mountain dulcimer players together for the joy of group playing, the Brigade also helps raise the profile of the instrument for the 18,000 attendees of this annual festival. Reports and photos of past appearances can be found in the photos section of this website and at:

Steve's Songs published in the Upper Room Worshipbook

Upper Room Ministries in Nashville, Tennessee has released a new worship resource, "Upper Room Worshipbook: Music and Liturgies for Spiritual Formation." 3 of Steve Eulberg's compositions were chosen for inclusion: "Come, Bless the Lord" and "Let My Prayer RIse as Incense (from "Dulcimer-Friendly Evening Prayer) and "Esta Es Mi Cuerpo (This Is My Body)" (from "St. Thomas Blessing and Praise.") Steve's music for worship can also be found in collections by Augsburg-Fortress (Minneapolis-ELCA), and Chalice Press (St. Louis-Disciples).

From Mountainview Arkansas, to views of the Rockies

The drive from Ft. Collins to Mountainview, Arkansas is about 17 hours or so...with lots of waving wheat fields, smiling sunflowers, inky black sky studded with diamond stars, flint hills, granite bluffs, Branson road construction and the rich greenhills of the Ozarks in Missouri and Arkansas. This was my first time to teach at Mountainview (Advanced Hammered Dulcimer) and performing in the Wednesday night concert was like playing the Grand Old Opry of the Ozarks--a real hoot! Teaching with talented colleagues Victoria Johnson and David Moran is also an opportunity to treasure! It was typically hot and humid, but delightful none-the-less. A stop to see Jim and Betty Woods and Lawrence Chapman at the Dulcimer Shoppe, some tasty BBQ and ribs at Tommy's and adding my Ben Seymour Galax dulcimer to the pickin' on the courthouse square are all highlights. I stayed an extra day to poke around in the archives (what a treasure-trove! typically underfunded, but dutifully cared for by Trish. Then a short (6-hour!) jaunt up to Lee's Summit for a pack-the-house concert at JP Coffee Company beside Longview Community College. Thanks to Mike, Kay and Devon Connelly for their hospitality and for setting this up! Audio books and some cd releases of old 70s music made the driving more enjoyable...and duct tape helped the plastic dragging piece under my bumper! I do enjoy mountains of all kinds, but when I cross the Colorado border my heart starts to quicken as my eyes strain to see the first blue shadows of the front range. They sit, majestically waiting, welcoming me back and pointing me to where my family and pup are at home. I love going out and sharing the music, but it sure is great to be home again!

Summer Tours Update

The first tour is in the can, so to speak. Shady Grove, in Urbana, Ohio, was sweltering until the "natural" fireworks during the faculty concert on 4th of July--hearing the crackle through the sound system while Janita Baker was playing was just a wee bit freaky! Then the weather became positively balmy with cool breezes and nice sunshine--terrific backdrop for classes of eager and able dulcimer students to hone their craft! After visits to family and friends in Ohio, I headed north to the Evart Funfest in the middle of the mitten (Michigan). This is the largest hammered dulcimer festival in North America and was no disappointment. Something grabbed me and I ended up teaching 9 classes, as well as vending, jamming with Oldtime and Celtic players and having two stage appearances with Marcille Wallis (Celtic HD player from North Carolina) as well my vending and camping neighbors. This was followed by a day of Hammered Dulcimer workshops for students of DeeDee Tibbits in Oscoda, Michigan, hosted by Margaret Rush. The girls had a slumber party, complete with a real, live ghost story and I got the cottage ready for my family who arrived later in the day. Lake Huron showed all of its glory and with the sugar sand beaches, the calm ripples and boisterous waves for body surfing, was judged by all to be a "great" lake! Now, I'm in Springfield, Missouri, en route to a week of teaching Hammered Dulcimer at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, Arkansas. I am truly humbled and blessed by these opportunities to share music far and wide!


I'm off on a tour of Ohio and Michigan today. First stop, the home of good friends and our godson, Aaron in Firth, Nebraska. The Shady Grove Dulcimer Camp in Urbana, Ohio is the location of a week-long mountain dulcimer camp, sponsored by those Sweetwater gals (Shari, Cindy and Shelley) of sweetwaterfolk radio on Live 365. Then on for some other family and friends visits before the Evart FunFest in Michigan. Following will be a day of Hammered Dulcimer Workshops in Oscoda, Michigan, along Lake Huron and family vacation. A concert in Midland, Michigan, at the Creative Spirit Center rounds out the tour before the trek back across I-80. See you soon!

Luther Academy of the Rockies

In the Rockies at 9,500 feet, at the foot of Mount Meeker is a great location to share with my family and some longtime friends for 2 weeks. For the 10th year I led the Children's Program for this Pastor's Continuing Educaiton event with my creative colleague, Pam González. The 32 4-11 year olds were a blast and a blessing! Highlights include: visiting with my Internship Supervisor, Fritz Fritschel, from Avondale in Denver; and singing "We Are An Answer to Prayer" with my daughter, Kaitlin for the annual talent show. (She sings it with me on the recording as well!) Special thanks to the Deaver's for their warm (as usual) hospitality.

CTMS Summer Solstice Festival

Special thanks to Connie Allen for her persistance in getting me to come and share music at the California Traditional Music Society's Summer Solstice Festival this weekend in Calabasas, California! Set on the amazing and spacious campus of Soka University I thoroughly enjoyed my workshop students (very accomplished!--including the teenager whose mother bought the dulcimer for her 3 minutes before she stepped into class!) One of the best round robin mountain dulcimer demonstrations I've been a part of and a concert set that was great fun. Add the chance to jam with amazing instrumentalists, see and talk with good friends and this is a recipe not to be missed. [The mis-adventure with my baggage, courtesy of United and Frontier Airlines, AeroExpress Delivery and the festival Operator who didn't know I was there is one I would gladly avoid in the future!] Thanks to Leela and Ellie Grace for dedicating "Black Socks" to those us [me] without clean clothes, and my driving hosts Mary Ellen and Judy!

PBS Roadtrip Nation DVD is released!

Roadtrip Nation is a PBS show which outfits RVs and fills them with 3-4 end-of-college age young people who are searching for how to make a difference with their gifts and talents. Launched from LA, they travel the USA, following different routes, stopping to interview people along the way by whom they are inspired. They ask questions of poets, artists, entrepreneurs, skateboard builders how they chose to do what they do, and what kind of advice they would offer to young people like the interviewers. "Soaring" the title track from my 2001 CD was chosen for the soundtrack of episode 10. Since our local PBS stations did not carry this show, I was eager to see where they used my music. They paired it with Sam Adams Beer! (The students were preparing to interview the man who started the micro-brewery) and were driving through Boston. [Aside: Boston University is where I'm currently enrolled as a Master of Music Education candidate!] Of course, I had to go out and buy a Sam Adams beer to taste and see if it goes well with the music. It does. [The 12-episode DVD is available for purchase from the RTN Store:]

Serenade to the Canada Goose

The soundtrack project that I was working on last Fall is finally available! Mountain and Hammered Dulcimers and Native American Flute provide the primary accompaniment for stunning videography in the year of the life of Canadian Geese. Filmed by Kay Bolick for Positive Communications, this 27 minute DVD is made for calming the harried soul. Follow the geese from late Fall, to "skating" on Winter's ice, through the green and brown gosling's of Spring, the energetic antics of the Summer, back to the tranquil impressionistic settings of Fall. Available now at: I'll have copies on the road with me this summer, too!

Radio Airplay Expands!

We've received the encouraging report from the Acoustic Rainbow Sampler. I Celebrate Life! is being played in new markets including: Scotland (Shetland); Estonia; Hong Kong; Japan; Several new locations in Australia (New South Wales, Queensland); France, Denmark, several new stations in Italy and The Netherlands; England and more. This feedback from DJs and listeners is great to receive.

Prepare the Royal Highway Chosen for Podcast!

Prepare the Royal Highway from "Hark, the Glad Sound!" was chosen as the pick of the day by Whole Wheat Radio for its daily podcast. You can download it for free here: Scroll down the page to April 23, 2006 and have fun listening and preparing!

Joe Jencks & Steve Eulberg: songwriters in concert

I'm excited to host JOE JENCKS, my friend, talented songwriter and fellow Local 1000 member in concert on April 23rd, 7:30 pm at St. Thomas Chapel, LCM/CSU, 805 S. Shields in Fort Collins. Joe merges musical beauty, social conciousness and spiritual exploration. Don't take my word for it! Here's what others say: “The key to the future is people joining in. The music of Joe Jencks captures this essential spirit. Joe is a fantastic singer who carries on the traditions.” --Pete Seeger “Joe Jencks is the type of musician that will cause you to drop that morning newspaper or pull your car to the side of the road when you hear his songs. He is the type of artist that will turn heads in his direction when he walks onto a stage. His voice will instantly draw you into his passionate songs. He is the type of musician whose music will become part of you. His craft and artistry will remind you of the best efforts of Phil Ochs, Stan Rogers, and Woody Guthrie. The troubadour tradition is alive and well in the 21st century with the music of Joe Jencks.” -Ron Olesko, WFDU –FM Teaneck, NJ “I find that Joe embodies the spirit of Pete Seeger. In much the same way, Joe has his finger on the pulse of our grassroots social conscience, and passes it on for us to scrutinize. Every generation needs a voice for social justice and Joe Jencks is one of those very important voices.” -Judy Matzen, Off the Square Concerts, Woodstock, IL If you are someone whose spirit is flagging under the weight of the worries of the world, you don't want to miss this concert!

Berlin Tour!

A tour of Berlin, Germany this past March was a life-enriching time. Steve travelled with his family and students from the Lutheran Campus Ministry at Colorado State Unversity to study churches' response to the Holocaust (Shoah), and to visit Wittenberg--where Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses (debating points). We lived in the Martin Niemöller Friedenzentrum (peace center) in Dahlem-Dorf (Berlin) which had been his parsonage before his arrest by the Gestapo. We made a pilgrimage to Sachsenhausen, which Himmler proudly described as a "model concentration camp: modern and infinitely expandable." Steve played 3 concerts, including a benefit for the youth music program at the John F Kennedy (bi-lingual) School. (A review of that concert is available at the Press link to the left.) Another concert was at a church in Spandau and in St. Annen-Kirche, a church built in the 1200s, the parish from which Niemöller was arrested in 1937. (Click Photos for images from the trip.) Other highlights include: an exhibit of "Melancholie" at the New Berlin Museum and the Instrument Museum [I saw and photographed (1) hackbrett--hammered dulcimer and (4) helmzitters --mountain dulcimer cousins.] In thanks for the benefit concert for the school, we were given a tour of the Berlin Philharmonie by violist Matthew Hunter and the entire group was able to attend the dress rehearsal (and recording session) of Holst's "The Planets"--complete with the additional work by a British composer for Pluto--and 4 brand new commissioned works entitled "Asteroids" as they were premiered with the composers hearing them played by the orchestra for the first time!

3rd Colorado Dulcimer Festival a hit!

Larry Conger's gentle playing and delightful wit; Maggie Sansone's Celtic ensemble, complete with Scottish small pipes; Tina Gugeler's lyrical hammered dulcimer; Bonnie Carol's aural Moons and Tunes reviews; the subtle harmonies of Jubilant Bridge; The inspired Open Stage, the tasty food, the overstuffed brains of workshop participants... What a success! Over 80 registered participants joined over concert attendees (125 a night!), many of whom were eager elementary, junior high and local high school students--to inspire another generation to play dulcimer music! Watch for next year's festival: Feb 2-3, 2007 Photos (from the camera and eye of Cheyenne Wills) are posted in the Photo Gallery to the left.

Winter Weekend in Houston

Peggy Carter hosted Steve Eulberg for a weekend of dulcimer workshops, a concert and some amazing jamming in Houston this past weekend. (Photos are posted in the gallery.) Peggy is a terrific teacher, as evidenced by the level of skill and willingness to learn and re-tune that her students showed me. Peggy will be coming to Colorado next fall to reprise the event for Colorado Dulcimer players. Watch for details! [** A side note about this workshop weekend from Suzanne Campling: What a BLAST!!! Not only did we have our noses to the grindstone to learn tons of new and intense information about how to become better players of mountain and hammered dulcimers, we also had one of the most fun jams that I have ever attended!!! Just ask me about "Old Jig Clark" and "Bile that Borscht"!!! If ya'll haven't had the pleasure of meeting, learning from and jamming with Steve Eulberg, you have missed out, now couple his sense of humor and intelligence with that of Peggy Carter, and you can't match such a fun learning and laughing experience!!!]

Byword Tower in Broadjam's Top 10

Byword Tower, from the 2005 release, I Celebrate Life! has been chosen by peer review for the top 10 in the World genre at the Broadjam website. Composed in 2000 along the River Thames in front of the afore-named tower at the Tower of London, this tune evokes an earlier age and inspires many to dance. To listen to it at Broadjam follow this link: and choose "world" under genre. --Or, you can choose the music link to the left and hear it right here!

Featured in

Tim Van Schmidt, local music guru and concert reviewer, stopped by Steve's Noontime Notes show at Deja Vu Coffeehouse on Dec. 7 and captured a close-up of his flying hands and hammers. The photo and a plug to attend more lunchtime performances at Deja Vu Coffeehouse are featured on the website.

Now a Dusty Strings Distributor!

Owl Mountain Music, Inc. is now a distributor of Dusty Strings Hammered Dulcimers. "When the Northern Rose closed, northern Colorado was left without a way for people to play and purchase hammered dulcimers without heading to Denver or Estes Park," Steve Eulberg explained. "Therefore, I contacted Sue Mooers at Dusty Strings and made the request." Dusty Strings is a Seattle-based company that is known for its hammered dulcimers and harps. Steve has performed on a Dusty Strings instrument since 1997. The current plan is for some instruments to be available on a rent-to-own basis, with orders for purchase of any of their models also available. Contact Steve at Owl Mountain Music, Inc. for more information or to set up an appointment.

"pining hearts" on Oasis Sampler!

"Pining Hearts" a waltz with a mountain dulcimer duo accompanied by a dulci-bro, has been included at cut #14 on the Oasis Acoustic Sampler, Vol. V Number 6, DIsc 2. This track is from Steve's I Celebrate Life! release from earlier this year.

2nd Article published at Dulcimer

The webzine,, has published another article by Steve--this time about minor mode music for Mountain Dulcimer. Minor Modes for Mountain Dulcimer explores and explains the minor modes and how they typically work. Also included is the history, transcription and sound-file of the oldest known North American Christmas carol "’Twas in the Moon of Wintertime". Visit: dulcimersessions is a bi-monthly journal sponsored by Mel Bay Publishing and is edited by Lois Hornbostel.

Digital Downloads at

Thanks to the work of Derek Sivers of cdbaby, all the tunes currently available for digital downloads through cdbaby's contracts will also be available at For example, the in-store kiosks will also list Steve Eulberg recordings and then encourage the browsing customer to go on line to purchase. Currently, Steve's tunes can be purchased individually or as whole albums from over 39 internet digital download sites. Direct links to some of them are available on the BUY (products) page on this site.

I Celebrate Life! on Acoustic Rainbow Sampler

Volume 24 of the Acoustic Rainbow Radio Sampler includes a cut (#7) from Steve Eulberg's new CD, I Celebrate Life! "One Sweet Sabbath Breath", a hammered dulcimer instrumental, was chosen, along with fifteen songs from other artists, to be part of a compilation CD sent out to acoustic radio stations worldwide. The Acoustic Rainbow Radio CD Sampler is a co-op venture between no more than 16 artists per sampler, designed for use by labels and artists to reach acoustic music directors for radio airplay only. The sampler is shipped to nearly 1,300 radio shows on over 1,000 stations in North America, England, Australia, Europe, Ireland, Asia and South America who specifically program acoustic music. Other artists on this latest volume include Ricky Scaggs and John McEuen.

New Video Soundtrack

Steve recently finished a commission from Kay Bolick of Positive Communications for a soundtrack for their latest video release: "Serenade to the Canada Goose." Positive Communications produces and markets relaxation videos to senior citizen homes, hospitals and hospices. "Serenade" follows the lives of northern Colorado Canadian Geese through a one-year cycle. Ms. Bolick specifically requested flute and hammered dulcimer music for the soundtrack. "It was a fun and different kind of composition project for me," stated Eulberg. "There were parameters for the actual pitches and dynamics that could be used, but within those boundaries, telling the video story through music was very rewarding. Kay's video is simply stunning--and that itself was an inspiration." The instrumentation for the soundtrack built on some Native American Flute themes, with hammered and mountain dulcimer motifs, supported by mandolin, guitar and banjammer. The project is now in post-production for release later this year.

Angels Found in City of Angels

At the Far-West Regional of the Folk Alliance last weekend I was thankfully surprised to meet so many angels! First my luggage (including my hammered dulcimer flight case) did not arrive with me. After I waited up until 11:30 pm, it was finally delivered after midnight to the bellhops of the Woodland Hills Marriott. When I retrieved them the next morning, I discovered that one of the wheels on my flight case had taken flight and was completely gone! I asked the Bellhop for a recommendation and he sent me to a nearby luggage repair shop, whose owner sent me to a hardware store, whose staff sent me to the internet to find the manufacturer. Back at the hotel, in the busines-user's office I made contact with Colson, the maker of the wheel, which is in Arkansas. They gave me the telephone number for a distributor 15 miles East of Los Angeles in South El Monte. After my workshop at the conference, the Hertz staffer in the hotel guided me away from the freeways ("they'll be crazy today!") to take Topanga Canyon road to the Pacific Coast Highway--a beautiful canyon, and a beautiful ocean, too! The trip took a long time, but I got to hear the whole press conference and punditry about the Libbe indictment along the way. At Linco, in South El Monte, they found the wheels in no time--and wouldn't let me pay for them! They didn't have the correct bolt however, and directed me to Nomad Fasteners where amid the thousands of bolts in stock, they didn't have the right one, either. However, the owner found one that was close match and "made" it fit by cutting and filing off the extra. Then, she wouldn't let me pay her, either! Back at the hotel, I asked the front desk if one of the Maintenance Engineers had the correct tools to tighten the two bolts--in no time there was a knock at the door and a quick twist of the screwdriver and wrench and the flight case was again "wheelable." My roommate helped me load my rental car in the wee Sunday Morning hours so I could return it before my 7:40 am flight home. When I arrived at the car rental location it was locked up tight, despite the assurances I received before renting that staff would be present at 6:30 am so I could make my flight on time. Frantic telephone calls to their 1-800 number, interrupted by much number-punching to find the correct options led me to the Emergency Roadside Assistance option where the operator informed me that the office would open at 7 am. There was no lock-box for the keys or check-in, but Steve, who pulled up behind me and was waiting to drop off his car also, volunteered to drive me to the airport. So I unpacked my car, packed his and off we went. I made it to the tarmac and the movable stairs at Bob Hope airport in time to catch my flight, thanks to all the angels in Los Angeles!

Article Published at

The webzine,, has published an article by Steve about Colorado Dutch Hop for the Hammered Dulcimer. The article traces the historical background of the dulcimer-playing Germans-from-Russia, or Volga Deutsch who settled in eastern Colorado and western Kansas. A transcription and sound-file of the tune "The Wooden Heart Polka" are included. Visit: dulcimersessions is a bi-monthly journal sponsored by Mel Bay Publishing and is edited by Lois Hornbostel.

Joellen Lapidus Workshops!

Joellen Lapidus, of Capritorus Dulcimers, the builder of Joni Mitchell's mountain dulcimer gave mountain dulcimer workshops while Steve gave hammered dulcimer workshops to kick off the Fall Dulcimer Learning season! They gave an inspired concert of solo and duet performances.

"Soaring" Chosen for PBS' Roadtrip Nation Soundtrack

"Soaring" the title track of my 2001 CD release, was the track chosen by PBS for their RoadTrip Nation show, Episode #10, which is airing this summer. The show follows the adventures of people who travel the nation. A DVD of the episode will also be available for sale after the conclusion of the episode's airing.