The vibrations of wood and string,

the resonance,

the shaped breath and wind

are the musician's creative muses.

Vocals, pianos, guitars, mandolins, didjeridoo's, drums, dulcimers--I find bits of my soul in each and grow as I learn about each connection.

And--I find their echoes in the souls of others as you listen.

I'm a traveling musician,

a commissioned composer,

a music educator,

recording producer and publisher.

In performance,

I weave mountain and hammered dulcimers and guitar

with a variety of unusual instruments

to create thought-provoking,

smile-inducing, toe-tapping acoustic experiences.

I have sung and composed for religious communities,

union halls, picket lines,

inter-faith retreats, mountain-top youth camps,

as well as the more familiar venues: festivals, clubs,

coffeehouses, house concerts, bookstores,

charity benefits and showcase concerts. 

I Celebrate Life with music, come celebrate with me!